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Only a narrow strip of water separates the dramatic hills and mountains of the mainland from this tiny volcanic island. Poros is actually two islands, Kalavria and Sepheria that are divided by a 370m canal, indeed this is the meaning of Poros " a narrow strait ". Normally the town is home to just over 10,000 people, however, Athenians visit the island at weekends, partly due to it's proximity to the mainland but largely because of its beauty, pine forests and the air of romance that is Poros.

Poros Town occupies most of the volcanic island of Sepheria, picturesquely situated around a low conical hill, clustered with traditional whitewashed houses and crowned with a slender clock tower. The town waterfront has a plethora of coffee shops, tavernas, souvenir shops and small hotels. Yachts, ferries and hydrofoils are all common visitors to the busy quayside. The pine swathed island of Kalavia by contrast has much richer vegetation and boasts beautiful bays and coves for swimming.  Askeli and Neorion have modern hotels and many hotels and companies offer a good choice of water sports from its beaches, i.e. diving, snorkeling, sailing and windsurfing.

There is a direct road from the airport to the town of Galatas opposite the island of Poros
Journey time
: Two hours

Regular Small Taxi boat or car ferry boat from Galatas to the island of Poros
Journey time
: Five minutes

Hydrofoil from the Port of Piraeus (the port of Athens)
Journey time
: One hour

Boat from the Port of Piraeus
Journey time
: Two and a half hours

(Journey times are approximate)

Buses from Galatas to the Port of Piraeus, Central Athens, Napflion and Methana


 Poros clocktower and the Sleeping Lady mountain


View of Poros from Galatas

Askeli Beach

Poros Harbour

Fishing boats at Vathi