Renovation Projects for Traditional Greek Buildings

Whether your property needs complete restoration or modernisation and renovation, our team of designers and 
affiliated architects and builders will be happy to advise and assist you in all matters, i.e. permissions, plans and paperwork.

                             Two town houses restored. The first property was 
    gutted and completely restored.
    Elevations have been sympathetically renovated in keeping with other homes in the area.
    The owner has been closely involved in designing a comfortable and stylish interior.
    The property below was in better structural condition but needed
    total refurbishment, wiring, plumbing etc. Permissions had to be obtained for  extensions and balconies..


    Before ...

    Designing and drawing up plans, obtaining planning permission for an extension, pool or pergola. 
    We can also undertake project management
  • Advise you on the exterior design according to the style of the house, i.e. village, neo-classical, town house, 
    island villas and cycladic style.
  • Suggest ideas for colour schemes (interior and exterior), tiles, (including roof tiles), ceilings (bamboo, beams, 
    old style panelling), lighting, fireplaces, central heating/ & air-conditioning, electrical plans, new plumbing, ideas 
    and plans for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, space saving ideas, living and dining areas.


The kitchen here is an example of what can
be achieved with clever use of space,
materials and colour.





Properties for renovation

 Stylish ultra-modern bathroom


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